Scotia Enterprise Manager has features that were designed specifically for plumbing, electrical, and other contractor supplies. For example, if you have a subscription to the Allpriser catalog, you can import the electronic version of this catalog directly into our POS / ERP system. You can import vendor catalogs  as well.

You can import updates easily, and quickly. Think of the time you can save by directly transferring these updates into your system.

Besides importing catalogs, Scotia Enterprise Manager gives you the ability to monitor and manage inventory across multiple locations. You can see what’s in stock at other locations, make transfers between locations, and even monitor stock levels on delivery or service trucks.

SEM has superb search tools that allows you to sort through hundreds of thousands of sku’s by searching on vendor, product code, any part of the description, item size, short code, etc. – and you can use all of these searches simultaneously to find what you’re looking for in seconds. And of course, you can always enter an item instantly by using bar codes.

Purchasing and Receiving
SEM has a “PO Builder” that allows you to prepare a purchase order based on all of the items from a vendor that have fallen below minimum specified levels. You can make adjustments or accept the recommendations for order quantities based on min / max levels that you enter for each item.

When the shipment arrives, you can receive stock into inventory based on the PO rather than having to enter all the items as they come in. Back ordered items? No problem – you can either leave them on back order or remove them and adjust A/P to reflect the change.

If you need a feature that’s unique to your industry, please reach out to us. We can help!