Customizing Off-the-Shelf Systems

Many businesses have very unique needs. We can modify our core solutions to meet your specific needs and we can make sure that you run your business your way.

Automate any Business Process

There are so many things you do every day that could done faster and easier with a computer. If you can do it with a pen, a piece of paper, a calculator, or even a spreadsheet or word processor, we can probably find a way to do it smarter using software. We can free up time that you can use to grow your business – or just spend more time doing other things that you love. Do you have an idea for something that you’d like to see managed automatically by your computer? Call us or email us – we can make it work!

Database Applications

Scotia Software’s designers have extensive experience with SQL and database development in general. We create stable, expandable, modular, fully customizable applications to suit your needs.


Document Management

The application doesn’t matter – if it involves tracking, storing, retrieving and version control, we can create a system that helps you do a better job in managing your documents.

Document Management


Custom Mapping

Scotia Software can help you integrate your data onto Google Maps, or virtually any graphical mapping system.

Porting Data

Do you have an older system that is outdated or no longer supported? Do you need to get the customer records, transaction records, etc. moved safely to a new system or just into storage? Call Scotia Business Technology. We can help!

Other Applications

Scotia’s database systems have been used to improve fleet management, asset management, asset rental management, etc.