User Interface

The Scotia Enterprise Manager point-of-sale system (SEM POS) has two interfaces:

  1. Programmable touch screen interface for low value, high volume transactions. The SEM POS front end is perfect for bars, take-out restaurants, convenience stores, etc.
  2. Retail interface for higher value product and service offerings. This could include anything from gift shops to furniture and consumer hard goods. It could also include services such as physiotherapy clinics, chiropractors, auto services stations, etc. This interface allows you to track customer details and search through large numbers of SKUs.

Both of these interfaces integrate seamlessly with the expandable, customizable business management back end.

POS Functions

The SEM POS can produce quotes, convert quotes to orders, and convert orders to invoices (sales transactions). The system allows you to run a tab, do layaways, print or not-print receipts, process refunds and in-store credits, manage gift cards, manage discounts by item or by customer, perform inventory transfers between locations, manage your service department, and perform all the important functions that you need in order to manage your business.


The SEM POS ties into a fully functional inventory management system (including min/max control, different valuation techniques, etc.) There are also A/P, A/R, Purchasing, Payroll and G/L components.


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